Month Three

“…the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience,
kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.”
Galatians 5:22-23

A Prayer for Peace

God of peace,
As my appearance
And appetite and energy
All begin to change,
Let me seek the peace I crave
In your unchanging love.

Help me to remember
That you are constant
When all around me is shifting.

Calm my anxieties
With the comfort of your presence.
Quiet the storm of my fears
With your calm.

Whisper still, small words of trust
And cradle my baby
In the warmth of your love.

Help me to celebrate
The life growing within me,
The child taking shape
In the dark chaos of creation.
Keep your horizon of hope
Ever before my eyes.

In peace I pray,


© 2014 Laura Kelly Fanucci

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27 thoughts on “Month Three

  1. kortnie says:

    I am a first time expectant mother, today was the mark of the beginning of my 10th week of pregnancy and tomorrow is my first ultrasound. I am both excited and anxious. I have a small history of miscarriage and am just praying that my baby is healthy and sound. I know I will be a good mother, after I give birth is not what worries me. It is the time that I carry my child in my womb that I hope I make no mistakes for the sake of my baby’s health. These prayers and ones like these, help me to feel closer to the lord and reassure me that he is watching over us every step of the way. As is our mother Mary.

  2. sha says:

    Need a prayer ,I am a first time mommy & very scared & I’m 3 months & still haven’t told my guy ,because I’m young & I don’t know how to just spite out good news well without getting an angry response, help me please I’m lost 4 words & don’t know what to say or do & all I want is a happy pregnancy & family

    • Laura says:

      Sha, please know that I am praying for you. I hope you will find the words and the strength you need. And I hope you will feel God’s courage and comfort with you, now and always.

  3. Payal says:

    Need a prayer, first time mummy I am 9 weeks pregnant and we really want a healthy baby girl, I am just worried that my baby is going to be a boy. I have boy in our family so me my partner really want a baby girl. Please pray for me to have baby girl.

    • Laura says:

      Payal, you are in my prayers. I hope you will find peace in your waiting. Of course as a mom of 3 boys, I know that God has unexpected plans for us (and also a sense of humor, too!). But I know that our hearts as mothers are full of longing, so please know you are in my thoughts.

  4. jeffries says:

    This is my second child and I’m affriad that something is wrong. For this month I have been having slight cramps. I also have a baby book “what to expect when your expecting” it says that most moms go through this because of a cyst and it go away during the tenth week.

  5. krishika says:

    I am 3 weeks pregnant ..suffering from major gum pain..And also a spasm in my cheek..which has reduced a little..please pray for me tat i have a healthy baby and not suffer with the pain I am in now

  6. Anusha says:

    i am 37 year old women suffering from diabetic and 11 weeks pregnant and this is my third child .i like children very much . please pray for me to have a healthy child without any trouble

  7. Kelly says:

    I am 10weeks pregnant for first time! So nervous and excited. I found your site as I’m searching for prayers and hope. I will use these prayers daily, please pray for me and baby!

  8. ann says:

    im 12 weeks pregnant first pregnancy after 2 miscarriages in2009. struggling now with pain and slight bleeding last scan was ok and normal. got muiltiple fibroids which growing in size. so anxious now and still hoping for a healthy safe pregnancy.
    so happy to foubd your site..god bless

  9. Frank says:

    My wife and I need prayers this is our first child and she is ten weeks and four days she has been in so much pain it’s scary I just pray that everything works out and we have happy and healthy child we have been trying for two years

    • Laura says:

      Praying for you, your wife & your child, Frank. I hope that she will find relief from her pain and that you will both find comfort in God as you wait. Peace.

  10. Sarah gray says:

    I have three healthy children for whom I feel eternally blessed.
    I was given two healthy boys who are now aged 8 and 9 and I have a beautiful daughter aged 15 months.
    In 2012 I suffered a late miscarriage and my Isaac was taken by god to be a special angel in heaven (this is what I tell my children and it brings me peace).
    I am pregnant again 10 wks 6 days, and am experiencing bleeding. I am consumed with fear.
    Please pray for my family as I will for yours


    • Laura says:

      Sarah, please know that you have been in my prayers. I hope that you will know God’s peace and comfort in your life today. Thank you for sharing your story here.

  11. Sulekkha Sharma says:

    Please pray for me I am having my second child with pregnancy complications and stress . During my first pregnancy also I had lot of problems but God blessed me with a beautiful healthy baby girl and now I want to have a second healthy baby boy to complete my family. Thank you God for everything you have given me please help me this time also for a healthy me and baby.

    • Laura says:

      Sulekkha, you and your child are in my prayers. I hope that you will know joy and peace as you wait and hope for good things ahead. Thank you for stopping here.

  12. BabyV says:

    It’s my first pregnancy and it has not been easy. From nauseous to not being able to keep water down I’m 3 months and right now I have two ear infections. I am in pain and I’ve been praying for a quick recovery and my baby to keep safe. Please pray for us. I just want to feel better and my baby safe from any harm.

    • Laura says:

      Babyv, my heart goes out to you because I know pregnancy can be so hard, especially with morning sickness and other complications. I hope that you will have peace and comfort soon. God bless you and your baby.

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