after miscarriage


My prayer for miscarriage is featured in the book Pocket Prayers for Times of Trouble (Twenty-Third Publications, 2014).

God of comfort,
you who are mother and father of us all,
hear my anguish at the loss of my child.
My heart and body are broken,
wracked with pain and grief.
Let me bring you my cries
and my confusion,
my anger and my envy,
my guilt and my sorrow,
knowing that you mourn with me,
that my tears are not wept alone.

You who call us each by name
from our mother’s womb
know the wonder of life
no matter how small,
no matter how young.
Help me trust that you will hold
my baby in your hands
as I hold this child in my heart.

Your love is wide enough for my pain.
Your healing is the hope I cling to.
Be with me in my pain,
in this present darkness.
Enfold me in your embrace
and heal my deepest loss.

. . .

I write about miscarriage in my book, Everyday Sacrament: The Messy Grace of Parenting. For more of my reflections online, please click below. And know that you are in my prayers if you are grieving this loss.

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2 thoughts on “after miscarriage

  1. mommyofse7en says:

    Thanks for the prayer. Somedays the loss of our seven in heaven is hard. I am grateful God is with us and our very comfort!!

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