praying the particulars: parenting a talkative child

A Prayer for Parenting a Talkative Child:

God of the Word,

This child never stops speaking. I cannot even hear myself think.

From sun-up to sun-down, he’s trying to figure out his world through words. Constant questions, endless repetition; the same books, the same songs. He wonders every blessed thought aloud, and I become his de facto audience. Or his spelling mentor. Or his number guru.

But too often I tune out and turn away, thinking radio’s music more beautiful or voices on the news more important. I long for adult conversation; I pass over the innocent wonder of a child’s chatter.

Help me to listen, really listen. To bend the ear of my heart to his needs, his wonders, his wants. Let me value his voice like you value mine: unique, worthy, loved.

When my mind spins too busy to hear, quiet my heart to a slower rhythm. When my ears grow tired, let me listen with your own. When my lips slip to let a harsh word pass, let me whisper forgiveness in his small, sweet ear.

And when morning’s bright chirps unravel into evening’s grating whine, let me remember the days when I longed to hear any sound of children bounce off these walls.

God of Scripture and song, you find me in words and I find you there, too. When your Word reminds me to ask and it will be given, to cry out when I am in need, to shout praise and sing thanks – all your words ring true to a toddler as to his mother. He is full of questions. And so am I.

Thank you for his words, his wonder, his life. Which has filled my own to the brim, spilling over with shouts and giggles, yells and cries, questions and challenges.

May he never stop speaking, asking why, or wondering aloud.

May I always keep my life open enough to listen.

May we both bring our words to you in prayer.

With ringing ears and spinning mind,

A tired, talked-at mama

7 thoughts on “praying the particulars: parenting a talkative child

  1. Leanne@ Life Happens When says:

    Beautiful! Sounds liker the curious, talkative little man in my house! I’m saving this for sure!

  2. Lauren says:

    I haven’t been reading your prayers yet this week. (See my previous comment about praying other people’s words. Some days my pride is rather astounding.) And then I thought to myself, “Come on, Lauren. Just check out what LKF has to say.” So I did. And I read all four of your prayers here.

    And I am moved and strengthened. Wonderful words to calm a straying mind, a weary mind. In some of the most essential ways, I can’t identify at all with your prayers of these particular particulars. And yet, somehow, they still strike deep.

    Thanks for sharing your words, for letting them become mine. Know that in this time of frazzled transition, you and yours are being carried by the prayers of others. With love.

  3. rootstoblossom says:

    Yes! I have 3 talkative, curious, amazing little ones that I tune into and out of during the day. Everyone needs to remember the wonder and joy they bring to the world, not feel bothered or pestered. But oh my is it hard some days.

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