praying the particulars: nursing an older baby

A Prayer for Nursing An Older Baby:

God of nurturing love,

Trying to nurse this squirmy worm of a growing baby has become a daily wrestling match.

Each time we snuggle into the rocking chair together, I grow frustrated with how quick he is to push away, holler in protest, lunge towards anything more interesting than his mother. Long-gone are the sleepy newborn days when he would curl contentedly in my lap. As he begins to crawl, the world is his to explore; he can’t scoot out of my arms quick enough for his curiosity.

Help me to give of myself with love and patience.

Turn my eyes from the clock to my child, from my chronos schedule to your kairos moment. Let me rejoice in his eagerness; let me celebrate his growing. So many adventures await him – let my love for him be a reflection of your great love for us, steady and faithful no matter how far and wide we roam.

Thank you for the gift of nursing him. When my frustrations grow high and my temper grows short, let me remember mothers who wanted to nurse but couldn’t, or who feel guilty because they never tried, or who persevere through painful complications. Transform our anxieties into assurance that every mother’s gift of self is life-giving, sacrificial, enough.

God of goodness, each day you offer everything I need: love, patience, forgiveness. Each day I push away from your embrace in search of what seems more pressing, interesting, important. Help me, too, to rest in your love, to drink in what I need most, to be grateful for the simple ways you sustain my life.

In patience and humor, I pray –

An exasperated mama

6 thoughts on “praying the particulars: nursing an older baby

  1. LifeCoachRN says:

    Part of love is knowing when to let go. We owe it to our children to look at them wholisticaly and not just one dimensional. Apparently your baby now has other interests and skills that need to be adressed by him. Maybe you can pump and give him the milk in a glass. That way he gets his nutrition you want him to have and also gets to explore this wonderful world before him. Let him grow by letting him go.

    • mothering spirit says:

      I couldn’t agree more that much of parenting is about helping our kids grow up and away from us. Letting go is hard but it’s the name of the game – they aren’t ours to keep! But in my experience, just because an older baby is more challenging to nurse doesn’t necessarily mean they are ready to wean – with creativity and patience, there are lots of benefits for a baby to continue nursing even as they are eager to explore the world.

  2. mkk says:

    Do you know how much I LOVE YOUR BLOG and your prayers and everything. I need to meet you someday IRL over coffee/tea/beer.

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