poetry: 2nd week of advent

Denise Levertov is one of my favorite poets. I hesitate to put any more words around my thoughts, because they pale in comparison to her craft.

Moments of Joy is a perfect example of her work, bursting with Advent themes: searching for and discovering God in surprising places.

And the old scholar, the father,

is deeply glad to be found.

That’s how it is, Lord, sometimes:

You seek, and I find.

And for a mothering spirit, its images of the intimacy between father and child are beautifully evocative.

We focus much attention, liturgically and culturally, on mother-and-child during this season. But what of Joseph, the supportive spouse, the dream-believer, the husband-turned-midwife, the adoptive father? What of his expectancy, his searching for God, his seeking answers to impossible questions?

Joseph was surely “Abba,” too. What moments of joy – and fear, and confusion, and frustration – he must have known as father to such a surprising son.

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